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Maggi and Scott/ Winter wedding/ Butler Pa/ Cranberry Township Pa.
Baby Miller/ Newborn photography/ Plain Grove, Pa
Best Day Ever/ Adoption Photography Session/ New Castle, Pa
Home for the Holidays/ Family Photography/ New Castle, Pa
The Family Couch/ Family Portrait Photography/ New Castle, Pa


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Maggi and Scott/ Winter wedding/ Butler Pa/ Cranberry Township Pa.

Hmm...seems like I have been shooting and editing lately instead of blogging. I guess after a few weeks of 90 degree temperatures this wedding from December might seem refreshing.
Maggi and Scott were married at Saint Michael Church in Butler on a cold but beautiful December day. With a perfectly decorated reception at Marriott North in Cranberry

Baby Miller/ Newborn photography/ Plain Grove, Pa


Best Day Ever/ Adoption Photography Session/ New Castle, Pa

After witnessing a number of weddings, new babies, championship basketball games, and 50th wedding anniversary parties you start to think you've seen all of the happy moments in life. And then you find out you're wrong. There's always another, bigger and better happy moment right around the corner.
The special day I'm referring to was Tara and Jacob's adoption hearing. It was every one of those special moments rolled up into one day!

Home for the Holidays/ Family Photography/ New Castle, Pa

The crazy late April snow that's forecast for tomorrow has me thinking about winter photos that were without snow. I didn't get a chance to blog this one but it was one of my favorites. A family's two sons who are both serving in the military came home to visit during the same week, for the first time in several years. Going along with the mixed up weather, it felt like I was photographing Mother's Day instead of Christmas. Either way, it was the perfect gift.

The Family Couch/ Family Portrait Photography/ New Castle, Pa

Are you looking for the perfect location or prop for your next family portrait? Don't look too far. Have you thought about your family's couch? A piece of furniture that lives with you for years, sometimes longer than you'd like! no doubt a member of your family spent hours endlessly searching for the right shape, the perfect firmness and the best pattern to fit your personality and lifestyle as a family. You sleep there, you eat there, you read the newspaper after dinner on your couch. Sleepy new mothers tend to their babies on the couch. It's seen in the background of awkward prom date photos. I'm quite certain more than one gentleman has taken a knee and proposed to his true love there. Your couch is with you through the good times and the bad. Why not remember it in your next family photo session?

Beverly and Vince's Wedding/ Westminster College, New Wilmington, Pa/ New Castle Country Club, New Castle, Pa

The perfect day, the perfect dress and the perfect weather. Every photographer's dream, an early wedding and short reception with lots of time to take pictures, oh and a fun bride and groom to boot!
Hair: Nicole's Salon, New Castle, Pa
Florist: Something New Florist, Canfield, Oh
Ceremony: Westminster College, New Wilmington, Pa
Reception: New Castle Country Club, New Castle, Pa

Kyle/ Senior Pictures/ Butler, Pa

Trena and Shane's Wedding/ Westminster College, New Wilmington, Pa/ SNPJ Enon Valley, Pa

  A wedding of a couple who has been together for as long as everyone can remember has a whole different feel.  There are no strangers on either side of the family.  There have been birthdays, graduations, babies and of course weddings.  Both families already have those life long memories with one another.  Trena and Shane's wedding had the warm comfortable feel of two extended families who have known each other forever.  The kind of longevity that gets your name on the family tree in the front of Grandma's worn leather bible. 
    The ceremony was held at Wallace Memorial Chapel, Westminster College.
    Flowers by David Jones of New Castle, Pa.
    The reception was held at SNPJ's Alpine Room.
    Music provided by Spinnin Spiel of Ellwood City, Pa.

Shea/ Modeling Portfolio/ Cranberry Township, Pa

If you haven't seen or met her yet, there's no doubt you will.  One of those girls who can change your perception of who she is by changing the tilt of her head, the twinkle in her eye or the curve of her smile.  A photographer's dream client.

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

John and Angela's Engagement/ Engagement Photography at Millcreek Park/ Youngstown, Oh

     I met Angela and John at Riverside Flower Garden in Youngstown, Ohio .  It's a great location for pictures so I welcomed the suggestion.  I was even more excited when after we explored the park, they mentioned that they are having their ceremony there in the fall.  Keep watching the blog for their upcoming wedding photographs this fall! 

Joey/ Senior Pictures/ New Castle, Pa


They RULE/ Rainy Day Family Portraits/ Boardman Oh

  All of this rainy weather reminds me of a session I shot this fall.  The Rule family and I had planned on shooting at Boardman Park for weeks.  Every weekend we picked it seemed to rain.  (One of the curses of shooting on-location photography) Finally none of us could take it any longer and we figured we beat the rain showers that were showing up on the weather channel's radar.  It started out well, we did a few family shots in the woods, on the trail, on logs and then the clouds opened and let loose.  It didn't just rain, it poured.  And not once did they say it was time to quit.  I shot through the rain until the kids started looking soggy and it didn't feel like quite as much fun anymore.  They get my award for the most cooperative family in bad weather conditions!

Jamie and Dan's Wedding/ The Corinthian/ Sharon, Pa

     If you've ever wondered how couples have a wedding and reception at the same venue with a seamless transition, you should meet Jamie and Dan.  They hosted the perfect, intimate ceremony in Sharon, at The Corinthian, went outside for some portraits and returned to a beautiful reception.  My favorite part of the reception was the bride's grandmother, who provided the cake topper from her wedding, and wanted to sneak a picture of her and her husband kissing by the cake to surprise the bride and groom.  If that's not enough of an indication of how fun this couple's families are, take a look at the reception pictures complete with awesome hats!  Thank you Jamie and Dan for letting me be a part of your big happy family that day.
Hair and makeup- Rebecca's Salon, New Wilmington
Reception music and entertainment- DJ Craig
Flowers- Petals, Hermitage
Lodging- Park Inn, West Middlesex

Sara and Rick's Alice in Wonderland Wedding/ New Castle, Pa/ Croation Club/ Bessemer, Pa

     I think I was as impatient for this wedding as the bride and groom.  When we first met and they told me their theme was Alice in Wonderland, I was thrilled!  Not only are there a million ideas you can incorporate into this theme, they went above and beyond with rainbow roses, chucks for the bridal party and sparklers as a grand finale.  The best part was, this wasn't just a theme picked from a list.  The bride and groom and their whole bridal party really made me feel like I had fallen down the rabbit hole, drank the potion and ended up somewhere I couldn't have imagined in my wildest dreams.
   The girls started their day at Salon 156 in New Castle, proceded to First United Methodist Church in New Castle for the ceremony and on to the Croation Club in Bessemer.
     "The only way to achieve the impossible, is to believe it is possible"  

Finley family/ fall family pictures/ twins/ Mercer, Pa

I'd hate to say that this is my favorite family, but it just might be. Anyone who has 4 babies in 3 years has probably earned that title. If you have children, you will completely understand. As I always say, one is fun, two are work and 3 are chaos. I never got to 4. So please forgive me, all my other clients. Parents who can wrangle, dress and keep 4 little ones happy, all with a heartfelt smile on their faces deserves all the recognition they get! 

Judy and Rob's wedding/ Sharon, Pa

Judy and Rob are one of those couple who compliment each other so well that you thought they were already married.  I was more than excited when Judy called me to tell me the good news. 
The couple chose to have an intimate ceremony at St. Joe's in Sharon followed by a cocktail reception at Oak Tree Country Club in West Middlesex complete with Doug Butchy's Big Band jazz trio that was my personal favorite of the year.  Pictures at Buhl Park complete with a visit from Judy's dog McKenzie made for the perfect day.   Judy's flowers were arranged by Petals

Sharlee and Chris/ Engagement Photography/ Beaver County Pa

It's amazing what a quick costume change can Wonder woman, Sharlee changed from the girl next door to a high fashion model. With the personality to match, it sure makes for some fun shooting!

Dominic is one/ 1st birthday photographs/ Grove City Pa

1st birthdays are about having fun, your pictures should be too!  Feeding the ducks at the local park pond is always a great childhood memory.  Well, almost always.  We were lucky and had some friendly and hungry ducks.  Just watch your step.  I hope you had a great birthday! 

Wish Designs/ Product Photography/ New Castle, Pa

     Many times I have been pleasantly surprised, if not shocked by the talented people who live so close to me.  People who have art that you've seen and admired, without knowing who is behind the piece.  If you're from Western Pennsylvania, you'll be thrilled to know that you can find this beautiful chandelier right in your backyard at
If you want to see more of their work you can check these sites. for the 2010 Idea Home: Smart Ideas for Eco-Friendly decorating. December 2009

Winter photography contest/ Butler County Pa

Don't forget to keep photographing, even if it's cold or rainy.  There are plenty of local contests that love those rare winter or stormy day shots.  A real glimpse of life as you see it.  Here are a flock of turkey that I spooked in a corn field near my house. accepts photos for their monthly contest with a prize of $50.  If you're not from Butler County check your local tourism agency to see if they're looking for art for their website or calendar.  Whether your work is accepted or not, you'll still have fun.

Stella/ Dog and Pet Photography/ New Castle, Pa

Thorns may hurt you, men desert you, sunlight turn to fog;
but you're never friendless ever, if you have a dog.
-Douglas Mallock
 They're curious, fun and have a zest for life. They're great at changing expressions and very rarely demanding, other than a treat or two. Every pet has his or her own personality and their fur, feathers or scales are like fancy dress that fits perfectly and the model really knows how to wear. The most fun a photographer has is shooting a pet portrait. I'm sure of it.

Ashley and Broc

  When I first get a call or an email from a couple wanting to do and engagement shoot, I spend a lot of time talking to the prospective bride. The future groom is usually a mystery that I hear little bits and pieces about.  How tall he is, what color his eyes and hair are, whether or not he likes soccer or video games, his childhood nickname.  A whole lot of little pieces that fit together in my head to form this mystery man.  In some cases I don't meet him until the day of the shoot.  In every case, the girl describes the guy in such a way that I feel like I know him too.  He might not look exactly the way I thought he would, but the personality is spot on. 
Ashley and I spoke on the phone a whole lot.  And every time I left the conversation thinking that Broc must be one of those guys that is a lot of fun.  A prankster, joker or whatever you'd like to call it.  And was he ever.  While we waited for Ashley to do wardrobe and hair changes from the trunk of their vehicle, complete with full length mirror, he poked fun of her.  But who was the first to compliment Ashley every time she changed, and make sure his shirt complimented whichever color she was wearing?  You guessed it.
I often wonder if people have soft sides that they don't show or if it's just one person, like Ashley for Broc, that brings out the tenderness the rest of us didn't see.  One thing's for sure, their wedding is going to be a mix between loads of fun and one of those really emotional days that you talk about 10, 20, or 30 years later.

Eve and Ethan's wedding/ Greenville, Pa/ Avalon Country Club/ Hermitage, Pa

It's funny how on some days you don't really notice the weather.  As I type my blog, too long after this wedding, I start to think Eve and Ethan's wedding day was one of those days.  I vaguely remember it may have rained.  None of my pictures look really rainy, no one looks soaked, no one looks miserable.  I bet if I checked the weather history, it would show heavy rain that day. 
It's also funny that on my own wedding day it rained inches.  The remnants of a hurricane blew through the area and caused record high rainfalls that summer.  But when I think back to my wedding, that's not the first thing I think about.  I almost didn't know it was raining other than a few guests remarking about the weather.  Don't get me wrong, I wasn't inside all day or in a plastic bubble.  There are just some days in life on which outside forces have no affect. 
So I figure if I have to think long and hard about the weather during Eve and Ethan's wedding, I'm going to guess that it didn't matter much to them either, rain or shine it was the perfect day for a wedding.  I'm glad I got to be a part of another day that was so special.
Hair and make up by Avalon Spa, Hermitage, Pa.
Service at First Presbyterian Church, Greenville, Pa
Reception at Avalon Country Club, Hermitage, Pa.

Raechul and Mike's wedding/ Erie, Pa

Can you think of a more meaningful wedding and reception spot than the place that a couple embraced for most of their relationship?  Neither could Raechul and Mike.  Friends and family came together to celebrate this fall in Erie, where the couple met and started the adventure of becoming man and wife.
Hair and Make up- Bella Salon and Day Spa, North East, Pa
Ceremony- Penn State Erie Behrend
Ceremony musician- and Rebecca Bowser
Reception- Mazza winery North East, Pa

Andrea and Aaron's wedding take II/ Cheeseman's Farm/ Portersville, Pa

In case you didn't get enough of Andrea and Aaron's wedding, or if you were wondering where they got those amazing flowers and flawless makeup...
Hair and makeup was done by Justine of Pittsburgh, Pa.
The flowers, including the grooms boutonniere complete with fishing lure, were done by Butler, Pa.

Andrea and Aaron/ Cheeseman's Farm/ Portersville, Pa

If this looks like a really fun wedding, you should have been there!  I can't find the words to describe how wonderfully laid back the day was.  After spending the whole day together, getting ready at the Hampton Inn to the service and reception at Betsy's Barn on Cheeseman's Farm in Portersville , I stayed until the party bus came to take guests back to the hotel and DJ John had played his last song.  I think we were all sad to see it end.

Snow place like home for the holidays/ Volant, Pa

  Have a wonderful holiday season!

Holiday ice skating session/ Pittsburgh, Pa

However you spend your holidays, don't forget to take a moment to enjoy the company of the one or ones you love.  And if you want to skate with Santa at PPG's rink, you have one more chance this year, Saturday December 24.

The hunt for the perfect tree/ Beaver County, Pa

One of the great American family traditions, hunting for the perfect Christmas tree is also a great opportunity to make lasting memories and lasting photographs.  With Christmas only a few days away, if you haven't found your perfect tree yet, check out for a list of local tree farms.  

Family Portraits, kids steal the show/ New Castle, Pa

You know why pictures of kids are so cute?  Because kids are true to themselves and there's nothing more pleasing to the eye than a photograph of someone just being real. 

The littlest nutcracker/ New Castle, Pa

For some little girls Christmas means the annual Nutcracker ballet.  In case you missed the show in your home town there is a great website that lists shows in Pennsylvania

The best Christmas pictures for your family

It's that time of year, the annual Christmas card photo time of year.  It's your chance to show family and friends who you are, where you've been and what you're into this year.  You may have a new pet, a new house or a new family member.  It's amazing what happens in a year.  And you want your Christmas picture to show people the real you.  So how do you do that?  It's easy.  The first step is to decide if you're family is more of a formal portrait type of family, with everyone gracefully posed around the fireplace and all making eye contact with the camera or are you the kind of family where anything goes?  Keep an open mind, anything can make a great Christmas card.  Even drawing a simple snowman on a chalkboard says "Merry Christmas".  And if you love the lighthouse advent calendar as much as I do you can find it at

Kim and Sergio's wedding/ Sharon, Pa

One of the most beautiful locations for a wedding in western Pennsylvania, The Buhl Mansion in Sharon. And some of the most creative, innovative not to mention yummy food by Jody's Pantry Catering  Add a close knit group of friends and family and you have the recipe for a wonderful wedding. 

Barn to be wild/ Childrens portraits/ New Castle, Pa

Okay, she isn't exactly wild but she really had a good time enjoying the simple things in life.  A barn, a pile of hay and a game of peek a boo. 

Senior Portraits/ Butler, Pa

I can't begin to describe how cool it is to meet someone who has a cow named Princess.  You'll just have to see for yourself.

Senior portraits/ New Castle, Pa

You're not seeing things, this high school senior got her hair cut for a second session!  And if you're into the shoes check out because every girl knows, it's all about the shoes.

Aimee and Ed's wedding/ Ellwood City, Pa


Ceremony at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Ellwood City Pa
Reception at the Cathedral, New Castle Pa
Catering by Medures
Flowers by Heart's Desire, Ellwood City, Pa 
Hair and Make up by Chameleon's, New Castle, Pa
With Thanksgiving coming up in the next few days it seemed like the perfect time to think about family (and update my weddings on my blog).  Family is what most weddings are all about.  Sisters and brothers, parents and grandparent, nieces, nephews and cousins. You get the idea.  It's not about two people joining together but two really big and complicated families adding new people to their family.  My goal is to capture the bonds between each couple, every parent and child, a group of sisters, a grandmother and her great grandchildren that make each page in the book of a family.  I hope each of you add a memory to your family album this Thanksgiving.

Baby's first birthday/ Mercer Pa

How fast does a year go?  I guess it depends on who you're asking.  A teenager waiting to turn 16 has a whole different perspective than a new mom watching her infant grow into a toddler. 
One of my gift certificates was given as a baby shower gift to an expecting couple.  So I waited for the call for a baby belly session.  And I waited.  I actually called the gift giver to make sure they hadn't lost the gift certificate. So my thoughts switched to a newborn session.  Sleepy, snuggly, in their own little world kind of people. 
Turns out they were waiting for a 1st birthday session.  As you can imagine after a year of thinking about this session, I was even more excited than normal about meeting this sweet little girl.  And she delivered.  She was sweet, patient, and the cutest little thing.

America's next mini super model/ child photography/ Lawrence County Pa

Look out America, here comes our next supermodel.  (Give her a few years!)  Being a mom of all boys, I don't get a chance to play with jewelry and hair bows too often.  So when I get the chance to photograph a princess dressed up, it's always fun.

Natalie and Nick's wedding / Mercer, Pa

Some of the best weddings to shoot are the ones where the bride and groom add little creative touches to their wedding that clue you in to who they are.  And people who are comfortable with who they are make the best models.  As a photographer you can't exactly take credit for the wonderful images you make of people who are just being themselves.  You just thank the photo gods for smiling down on you.  It may be the flowers it may be the church (Helen Black Chapel in Mercer Pa) or the reception location that make the wedding photos good.  Or it may just be watching as the day unfolds in front of you.  Thanks for making me part of a wonderful day!

Francesca and Bob's wedding / Pittsburgh Pa

Pittsburgh, Pa. has a long tradition of being a melting pot.  Whether your thinking of nationalities or steel, all of the pieces come together to make something stronger than the individual.  Which reminded me of  Francesca and Bob's wedding.  The girls got ready at izzazu salon then picked up their flowers from Reed and Petals .  The couple chose 2 of the most beautiful churches for their venue, the service at St. Paul's and the reception a block away at St. Nick's .  Guests were lead from the service to the reception by a bagpiper, a surprise to the groom from the bride. .   At the reception there wasn't just a cookie table it was a cookie buffet, there were rows of tables filled with colorful cookies in every shape and size.  All made by the bride's mother.  And one of my favorite parts, the uplighting done by .

Senior Portraits/ Randyland, Pittsburgh/ Westminster Highlands Emlenton Pa

How time flies.  I met this young lady when she was 4 or 5 years old.  I'm more than happy to see that she still has the same spunky personality she when she was little, just a more refined version of her former self.  And I'm also more than happy that she shared a few of the places she's been in her life that have touched her soul.  Because chances are they have influenced a lot of other people too.  For a look at Pittsburgh's Randyland go to or if nature is more your inspiration check out a beautiful camp at .

The Family Circle- Baby Family Photography- Mercer Pa

I forget how much I love babies.  In the hustle and bustle of every day life I forget how much I loved my babies.  Don't get me wrong, I still love them.  But it's a different feeling.  More an appreciation of the little men that they are turning into.  Their big hearts and big curiosities.  A new baby is the beginning of the circle that is a family.  Family circles overlap with extended families, they grow and shrink as time goes on but they don't break.  Thanks to all the families who share with me their inner circle and allow me to dance for a moment with my past.    

Ashley and Jonathan's wedding/ Farrell, Pa

One of my favorite weddings.  There's nothing like meeting a future Mrs. a year before her wedding and really getting to know her.  It turns being a wedding photographer into being a friend of the bride who just happens to be a wedding photographer.  Plus  the groom sang to the bride as she walked down the aisle.  That may have been the cherry on top.

Senior pictures/ Sharon Pa

When I met with Amber and her mom for a senior session this summer, everything seemed like a typical shoot.  Amber was pretty straight forward.  There was nothing crazy she wanted to do, just straight forward, nice photographs.  Her mom came along, which I always think is a good idea for a set of extra hands to help out.  Somewhere along the way, I got to thinking.  Either I was feeling emotional that day or their relationship struck something in me.  I started thinking about how important my son's first birthday pictures were to me.  We made it a whole year.  From baby to toddler, he and I, we both made it.  Hmm.  Reminds me of pictures from senior year of high school.  You and your little baby.  You've both made it.  From childhood to adult.

Summertime children portraits/ Butler Pa

There's nothing better than watermelon on a hot summer afternoon.  Maybe photographing two little boys who's parent's wedding I shot a few years ago?  It's a close one.  As a photographer you witness the story of people's lives.  You can't help but become friends, cheering them on, taking pictures along the way.

Paul's Posse/ family battles amyloidosis like super heros

There are people we meet in life we remember for a long, long time.  Whether it's the way they quote Austin Powers, the color of their hair or the way they push us to be a little better then we think we could possible be.  If you met Paul, you'd know exactly what I'm talking about.  I worked with Paul almost 15 years ago.  We went our separate ways, and I didn't give it much thought.  Until I would be at an assignment and a piece of advice he had given me years ago about and angle or a light source would pop into my head.  The last I really talked to Paul, he was married and expecting his first child.  And boy was he happy.
     Life doesn't always turn out the way we think it will.  We all know that.  Paul became ill and lost his battle with amyloidosis a few years ago.  His lovely wife can explain if you check out her blog and her efforts to fund raise can be found at .  
     The whole point to this overly-wordy-for-a-picture-lady blog was to reach out to all of the photographers that had the opportunity to work with a meet Paul.  I'd like to ask each of you to take a minute from your busy lives to send Paul's family a little support.  I'm not asking for money but something even more important. 
     Paul's family is going to have to adjust to a life few of us can imagine.  One of the last things on their mind, I'm guessing is one of the most important things that would have been on Paul's mind.  Pictures.  Whatever you can contribute.  A relaxed trip to the park, just capturing boys being boys.  Formal Christmas card pictures.  Candid baseball game pictures.  Kindergarten Graduation.  Birthday Parties.  
     My wish is that the Hawthorne family have the most beautiful pictures that mean the world to them because they are given to them by photographers who knew Paul.  I know they have an open invitation from me.     

Carli and Greg/ Ellwood City Pa wedding

Carli and Greg chose to marry in the same church her mom and dad, and her sister and brother in law married in. If that's not romantic enough to make your heart flutter, top off a lovely service with some out-of-this-world flowers specially designed to match the wedding colors. Custom uplighting in complimentary colors and the best dance music I have ever heard at a wedding.  A father of the bride who's in a band, a giant bunch of cousins, a 92 year old great-great aunt of the groom who dances like a teenager.  Shake it all up and serve in a reception site built like a castle and you have one heck of a good time. 

Senior Pictures at the barn

There's nothing cooler than a guy and a barn.  There's something about farmers.  Guys or girls.  A no nonsense quality of self awareness that is pure and honest in front of the camera.  All I can do is say thanks, for allowing me to take a little peak at what's important to you.
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